About CROCO implementation in shallow coastal regions

asked 2023-03-17 17:33:12 +0200

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Dear all, best regards.

If I want to study a small shallow coastal lagoon and its interaction with the ocean, I suppose it would be possible to implement nested domains up to a horizontal resolution of at least 20 m (inside the lagoon!). 1- Is this perfectly possible? Traditionally, nesting factors have been set 1/3, although in some works with COAWST and I think also ROMS I have seen nesting factors 1/5, the latter, 2- is it possible to implement it in CROCO? and finally, 3- If I have my own bathymetry (ASCII format), how could I adapt it to my grid in CROCO?

I remain attentive to your comments. Thanks for your support!

Regards, César.

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