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Bug in CROCOv1.3 or CROCO_TOOLSv1.3 (BRY vs CLM)

asked 2023-02-09 14:52:42 +0200

andres gravatar image

Hi, I have a problem with CROCOv1.3 or CROCO_TOOLSv1.3

I am doing a simple modification of the Benguela case,

The issue is that the model runs with CLM boundary condition, but not with BRY, where it just stops.

STEP time[DAYS] KINETIC_ENRG POTEN_ENRG TOTAL_ENRG NET_VOLUME trd 0 0.00000 0.000000000E+00 4.3608853E+01 4.3608853E+01 3.7256284E+15 0

======================================= = = = STEP2D: ABNORMAL JOB END = = BLOW UP = = = =======================================

VMAX (M/S) = NaN IMAX JMAX = 1 68 IINT IEXT = 1 1

The the other changes are in crocotools_param.m

% % Grid dimensions % lonmin = -80; Minimum longitude [degree east] lonmax = -69; Maximum longitude [degree east] latmin = -33; Minimum latitude [degree north] latmax = -23; Maximum latitude [degree north]

% Grid resolution [degree] % dl = 1/6;


hmin = 55

closing the eastern boundary in cppdefs.h in cppdefs.h

undef OBC_EAST

setting the dimensions in param.h

  parameter (LLm0=65,   MMm0=68,   N=32)

and the timestep in

time_stepping: NTIMES dt[sec] NDTFAST NINFO 1440 900 60 1

Any idea on how to debug if the problem is the BRY file or something in the CROCO code?



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answered 2023-02-09 15:48:13 +0200

Hi Andres, does the standard BENGUELA case work for you (with BRY). I just tried again and it does for me. In any case, It looks like you have a NaN value in your bry file.

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Hi Patrick, ok, I will try to create the BRY with CROCO_TOOLSv1.2.1 to see if there is a difference.

andres gravatar imageandres ( 2023-02-14 10:23:18 +0200 )edit
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