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namcouple missing in non coupled run?

asked 2022-12-15 17:44:32 +0200

andres gravatar image


I have a strange error. I want to run (crocov1.3) a domain with MPI, TIDES, BLK, BRY, NOTIDERAMP options but it crases and produces the file nout.000000 with the content

(mod_oasis_namcouple:namcouple_abort) calling ABORT * ABORT from (oasis_namcouple_init) line number 327 * (oasis_namcouple_init) : ERROR opening namcouple file namcouple with unit number 9998

even when no copling was activated...

Any clue where is the error?

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answered 2022-12-19 12:37:08 +0200

andres gravatar image

Hi Swen,

Thanks for the reply, I ad those keys as UNDEF, therefore the mysterious error. The problem was of a different nature, I was working in a supercomputing environment and, while testing CROCOv1.3 y had a line loading a module related to CROCOv1.0, left in my scripts from previous runs.

Once I removed that line, all went smoothly.

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answered 2022-12-19 09:04:56 +0200

swen gravatar image

Hi Andres, the error comes from oasis lib meaning that you have compiled in coupled mode at some point. Can you check that the OA_COUPLING and OW_COUPLING cpp keys are set to undef?

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answered 2022-12-18 20:01:00 +0200

andres gravatar image

The problem persist. Another error message is

(oasis_abort) ABORT: file = mod_oasis_namcouple.F90 (oasis_abort) ABORT: line = 3776 (oasis_abort) ABORT: on model = spval_undef (oasis_abort) ABORT: on global rank = 0 (oasis_abort) ABORT: on local rank = -1 (oasis_abort) ABORT: CALLING ABORT FROM OASIS LAYER NOW

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