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PISCES and psource, read in error

asked 2022-10-28 16:54:30 +0200

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Hi, I am working with croco-pisces, and there is only a large river in our model domain. I am using the psource defined in, and the model runs very successfully without PISCES. However, the 'read in error' occurs when I turned on the pisces. Does anybody know how to solve this problem quickly please? Thanks a lot in advance, Please see in attachment the error message, and the input files.

C:\fakepath\ C:\fakepath\param.h C:\fakepath\cppdefs.h C:\fakepath\WechatIMG4712.png

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answered 2022-11-04 17:37:11 +0200

Rachid gravatar image

updated 2022-11-04 17:38:42 +0200


With rivers, biogeochemical tracers are considered as any other tracers. So in the psource section of, you have to specify the same kind of informations than for temperature and salinity :

psource: Nsrc Isrc Jsrc Dsrc Qbar [m3/s] Lsrc Tsrc 1 61 148 1 29433. T T 20. 10.82

Here the flags T T 20. 10.82 are for T and S, meaning we want to input values of 20. and 10.82 respectively. So with Pisces you have 25 biogeochemical tracers. Let's say you don't want biogeochemical input (just an example), it would lead to :

psource: Nsrc Isrc Jsrc Dsrc Qbar [m3/s] Lsrc Tsrc 1 61 148 1 29433. T T 25 * F 20. 10.82 25 * 0.

hope it helps Rachid

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