Croco choked on ORCA (Nesting troubles)

asked 2022-08-17 16:14:48 +0100

m-n-o gravatar image

updated 2022-08-17 16:15:41 +0100

Hello, I'm trying to create a nested model domain via Croco nesting tool. My parent grid is ORCA025 and every time I load it, Matlab gives me the traceback:

 Error using  + 
    Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation.

    Error in mp_cyl (line 70)
                 MAP_VAR_LIST.ulongs=MAP_VAR_LIST.clong+[-180 180];

    Error in m_proj (line 90)
        eval([ projections(k).routine '(''initialize'',projections(k).name,varargin{:});']);

    Error in plot_nestgrid (line 67)

    Error in update_plot (line 63)

    Error in get_parentgrdname (line 60)

    Error in nestgui>parentgrid_Callback (line 58)

    Error in nestgui (line 43)
      parentgrid_Callback(fig, [], handles, varargin)

Nestgui window at this time: C:\fakepath\Nestgiu.png

So, does the Croco nesting tool fit ORCA tripolar grid? Thanks for your attention!)

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