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Hello! Everything, I found the following error when doing make_clim and I have not been able to solve it. Can someone help please? Thank you very much in advance, Regards.

asked 2022-08-11 20:20:12 +0200

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Read in the grid...

Create the climatology file...

Creating the file : /data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/


nc =

      NetCDF_File: '/data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/'
      nDimensions: 20
       nVariables: 31
nGlobalAttributes: 0
  RecordDimension: ''
         nRecords: 0
       Permission: 'clobber'
       DefineMode: 'define'
         FillMode: 'fill'
       MaxNameLen: 0

Warning: ## close failed: /data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/

In netcdf/close (line 20) In create_climfile (line 461) In make_clim (line 106)

Create the OA file...

Creating the file : /data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/

Warning: ## close failed: /data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/

In netcdf/close (line 20) In create_oafile (line 284) In make_clim (line 124)

Horizontal extrapolations


Ext tracers: Roa = 0 km - default value = NaN ## NetCDF file not opened: /data2/matlab/CROCOv1p2p1/croco-v1.2.1/Magallanes/CROCO_FILES/ Brace indexing is not supported for variables of this type.

Error in ext_tracers (line 54) lon=ng{'lon_rho'}(:);

Error in make_clim (line 133) ext_tracers(oaname,temp_month_data,temp_ann_data,...

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answered 2022-08-17 21:57:08 +0200

andres gravatar image

As explained by Osvaldo Artal, this has to do with the 2GB limit for NetCDF files. To solve this edit

create_climfile (and create_oafile) changing in line 90

nc = netcdf(clmname,clobber);


mode = bitor(nc_noclobber_mode,nc_64bit_offset_mode); nc_create_empty(clmname,mode); nc = netcdf(clmname,'write');

If the function nc_create_empty is not found add this to your start.m


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