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How use high resolution data for coastline?

asked 2022-04-29 20:16:10 +0200

javadi gravatar image

Dear all

I use Croco tools without problems.

Now, I need better data for the coastline. This data does not work for me. How can do it?

Which data should I download and replaced it(e.g Coastline.l.mat)?

If everyone has points, please guide me!


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answered 2022-05-14 11:29:54 +0200

MartinV gravatar image


The coastline mat file is created when you call make_grid. It calls the make_coast function where the file is created. The coastline data is in the DATASETS_CROCOTOOLS/m_map1.4f/private/ folder.

In the crocotools_param.m set the last letter of the file name prefix in coastfileplot variable according to the comment above it to set which coastline file will be used:

%  GSHSS user defined coastline (see m_map) 
%  XXX_f.mat    Full resolution data
%  XXX_h.mat    High resolution data
%  XXX_i.mat    Intermediate resolution data
%  XXX_l.mat    Low resolution data
%  XXX_c.mat    Crude resolution data
coastfileplot = 'coastline_l.mat';
coastfilemask = 'coastline_l_mask.mat';

Here it uses l - Low resolution data. If you change the name to coastline_h.mat' it will use high resolution data.

If you just want a higher resolution coastline mat file, you can just call make_coast directly. E.g.:


Cheers! Martin

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