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motuclient - mercator GLORYS

asked 2022-02-17 15:36:09 +0100

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I have been wondering if any of you know we can modify any motuclient file to download mercator data with a size greater than 1024.0Mb?? it's possible??

Thanks in advance


mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/scratch/11652307/CROCO/SAO/Run/CROCO_FILES/’: File exists Overlap before =1 Overlap after =1 Total overlap =2


Compute time axis

Download data... Processing year: 1993

Get data for Y1993M1 Minimum Longitude: -70 Maximum Longitude: 35 Minimum Latitude: -60 Maximum Latitude: 15.1429

!/scratch/11652307/CROCO/SAO/croco_tools/Forecast_tools/motuclient-python/ -u sgarcialoyola -p XXXXXXX -m -s GLOBAL_MULTIYEAR_PHY_001_030-TDS -d cmems_mod_glo_phy_my_0.083_P1D-m -t 1993-01-01 -T 1993-01-31 -x -71.000000 -X 36.000000 -y -61.000000 -Y 16.142925 -z 0.000000 -Z 200.000000 -o ./ --out-name /scratch/11652307/CROCO/SAO/Run/DATA/mercator_Benguela_LR/ -v zos -v uo -v vo -v thetao -v so

2022-02-17 12:15:32.871 [ERROR] 010-7 : The result file size, 7396.0Mb, is too big and shall be less than 1024.0Mb. Please narrow your request.

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answered 2022-02-25 14:04:28 +0100

andres gravatar image

That is a limitation imposed by CMES, not CROCO_TOOLS.

Try downloading each variable separately and use NCO to create one file to be read by CROCO_TOOLS

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It working, thanks Andrés!

Seba Loyola gravatar imageSeba Loyola ( 2022-03-03 19:53:17 +0100 )edit
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