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PATM: specification and references

asked 2022-01-10 09:09:59 +0200

Aviv gravatar image

Hello I am setting up to specify atmospheric pressure distribution for my regional croco configuration. I am using BULK_FLUX, and have now also specified "define READ_PATM" and "define OBC_PATM" in my cppdefs. For reference, can anyone point out published studies using this options? Also, I'm getting runtime error: "GET_BULK - ERROR: unable to find forcing variable". Perhaps I specified the wrong variable name in the bulk forcing file - is "patm2d" not the variable name that croco expects? Is there anything else I should include? Based on the code it seems that the parameter "paref" is hard coded and should not be specified externally. Thanks, Aviv

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answered 2022-01-25 23:22:25 +0200

Aviv gravatar image

Turns out that the variable name should be "pmer". Still interested in references, in case anyone is familiar with some.

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