Problems with compiling on Linux Red-hat 6.5 with mpif90

asked 2021-08-20 18:47:30 +0100

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Hi! Every one, I met a problem when compiling my crore(only the physics now) on Linux Redhat HPC with mpif90.

mpif90 -c -O3 -I/opt/intel/impi/ checkdims_.f -o checkdims.o *checkdims_.f:210.28: if (ierr .ne. nf_noerr) then
1 Error: Symbol 'nf_noerr' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type checkdims_.f:209.11: ierr=nf_inq (ncid, ndims, nvars, ngatts, recdim)
1 Error: Function 'nf_inq' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type checkdims_.f:215.15: ierr=nf_inq_dim (ncid, i, dimname, dimsize)
1 Error: Function 'nf_inq_dim' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

gmake: * [checkdims.o] Error 1*

It looks like it has something to do with the netcdf library. So my netcdf configuration is: This netCDF 4.8.0 has been built with the following features:

--cc -> icc --cflags -> -I/home/201999900096/local/include --libs -> -L/home/201999900096/local/lib -lnetcdf --static -> -lm -lcurl

--has-c++ -> no --cxx ->

--has-c++4 -> no --cxx4 ->

--has-fortran -> yes --fc -> ifort --fflags -> -I/home/201999900096/local/include -I/home/201999900096/local/include --flibs -> -L/home/201999900096/local/lib -lnetcdff --has-f90 -> --has-f03 -> yes

--has-dap -> no --has-dap2 -> no --has-dap4 -> no --has-nc2 -> yes --has-nc4 -> yes --has-hdf5 -> no --has-hdf4 -> no --has-logging -> no --has-pnetcdf -> no --has-szlib -> no --has-cdf5 -> yes --has-parallel4 -> no --has-parallel -> no --has-nczarr -> no

--prefix -> /home/201999900096/local --includedir -> /home/201999900096/local/include --libdir -> /home/201999900096/local/lib

--version -> netCDF 4.8.0

Could anybody give a hand? Thanks heaps in advance, Bei

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