Error when using make_clim and make_bry

asked 2021-04-25 18:09:21 +0200

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Dear users

I have used Croco tools to make initial condition and grid files. Successfully I have made them. But, when I wanted to make climatology and bry, I faced this error:

Error using + Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in geost_currents_bry (line 228) u_r(1:k_ekman,:)=u_r(1:k_ekman,:)+squeeze(tridim(rmask.*...

Error in make_bry (line 198)

This error refers to:

k_ekman=min(find(Z<=-De)); u_r(1:k_ekman,:)=u_r(1:k_ekman,:)+squeeze(tridim(rmask.... svstr./(rho0Def),k_ekman)); v_r(1:k_ekman,:)=v_r(1:k_ekman,:)+squeeze(tridim(-rmask.... sustr./(rho0Def),k_ekman)); end

Please help me with your interesting comments(!)

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