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hycom as lateral boundary condition

asked 2020-10-02 17:44:16 +0200

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Hello, I am using CROCO in the SW Atlantic and I am trying to use HYCOM as initial and lateral boundary.

Has someone used HYCOM as initial and lateral boundarty conditions for CROCO?

If so, is there any script to download and or interpolate data from the web as there is for ECCO and SODA or should I make my own scripts?

Many thanks in advance!


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answered 2020-10-05 19:06:16 +0200

camila gravatar image

Hola Andres Thanks for your Answer!

I downloaded it but I did not actually found the option to use HYCOM (it has GLORYS and other models).

I also found the PYROMS tools which has an option for using hycom as boundaries so I am going to try it.


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Good news. For what I know, the developer is quite a friendly person. If pyroms doesn't work, try to contact him.

andres gravatar imageandres ( 2020-10-05 19:12:18 +0200 )edit

answered 2020-10-05 16:46:22 +0200

andres gravatar image

Hola Camila,

I don't know of a CROCO_TOOLS adaptation for HYCOM, but this python code (that I haven't used) could be useful

the last update was on July 22nd, so its being actively developed.´


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