How do you graph TSM with the model outputs?

asked 2020-02-11 14:58:00 +0100

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I need graph de model output, but in this momento I cannot obtain because the visualisation is not corect. The code I using is the next:

theta_b = 2; theta_s = 7; hc = 10; N = 32; vtransform = 1;

zroms=squeeze(zlevs(h,0.*h,theta_s,theta_b,hc,N,'r',vtransform)); %funcion sin linux zmin=min(min(zroms)); zmax=max(max(zroms));

var1u=permute(temp,[3 1 2]); var1v=permute(salt,[3 1 2]);

temperatura = vinterp(var1u,zroms,32); vnewu1(mask_rho==0)=NaN; salinidad = vinterp(var1v,zroms,32);vnewv1(mask_rho==0)=NaN;

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