PISCES diagnostics (WRT)

asked 2019-05-28 18:35:03 +0100

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Hi croco users,

I am facing an issue while trying to write avg diagnostics_bio files. Whenever I restart from a history or restart files, the model starts writing diagnostics again from diagbio.0000.nc. History and average files work perfect continuing writing files in order.

Any ideas? thank you

Here is my part of the croco.in file

diagnostics: ldefdia nwrtdia nrpfdia /filename F 14 0 out/dia.nc

diag_avg: ldefdia_avg ntsdia_avg nwrtdia_avg nprfdia_avg /filename F 1 14 0 out/dia_avg.nc

diag3D_history_fields: diag_tracers3D(1:NT) 30*T

diag2D_history_fields: diag_tracers2D(1:NT) 30*T

diag3D_average_fields: diag_tracers3D_avg(1:NT) 30*T

diag2D_average_fields: diag_tracers2D_avg(1:NT) 30*T

diagnosticsM: ldefdiaM nwrtdiaM nrpfdiaM /filename F 14 1 out/diaM.nc diagM_avg: ldefdiaM_avg ntsdiaM_avg nwrtdiaM_avg nprfdiaM_avg /filename F 1 14 1 out/diaM_avg.nc

diagM_history_fields: diag_momentum(1:2) F F

diagM_average_fields: diag_momentum_avg(1:2) F F

diagnostics_bio: ldefdiabio nwrtdiabio nrpfdiabio /filename F 14 1 out/diabio.nc

diagbio_avg: ldefdiabio_avg ntsdiabio_avg nwrtdiabio_avg nprfdiabio_avg /filename T 1 648 12 out/diabioavg.nc diagbioFlux_history_fields: wrtdiabioFlux 10F 40F

diagbioVSink_history_fields: wrtdiabioVSink 10F 40F

diagbioGasExc_history_fields: wrtdiabioGasExc 10F 40F

diagbioFlux_average_fields: wrtdiabioFlux_avg 12T 38F

diagbioVSink_average_fields: wrtdiabioVSink_avg 12T 38F

diagbioGasExc_average_fields: wrtdiabioGasExc_avg 12T 38F

In few words whenever I restart from his.0008.nc or rst.nc for example, the model creates again and writes diag_bio.0000.nc while I would expect to continue writing in diag_bio.0008.nc as this happens with both history and average files.

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