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Trouble with PSOURCE_NCFILE keys activated

asked 2023-07-27 07:49:34 +0200

tonia gravatar image

Dear CROCO forum,

I'm trying to run some low resolution simulations of the Bay of Bengal including the runoff of 11 rivers and using the latest version of the code (v1.3). If I don't activate the keys of PSOURCE_NCFILE and PSOURCE_NCFILE_TS, the configuration runs smoothly, even in nested mode. But as soon as these keys are on, the run blows up at the first time step. I' m attaching my C:\fakepath\ and croco.out files C:\fakepath\croco_out, hoping that someone could give some hints on how resolving this problem.

Many thanks in advance!

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answered 2023-08-28 11:41:30 +0200

tonia gravatar image

Dear Guillaume, thanks a lot for your precious help: sometimes we get so stuck with a problem, that we get even blind to its simplest resolution! I now have another issue with creating the file for the child domain, since with the nestgui script I don't manage to interpolate the parent climatology file ( within the domain of the child... have you ever used it or will you have an alternative way to suggest me for creating the runoff file for the child? Thank you very much again and best wishes!

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answered 2023-08-19 17:25:55 +0200

Gui gravatar image

Maybe can you try to don t use this point on PSOURCE (70/47) ? Maybe on mask U grid or V grid is land ... Guillaume

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