make_GFS being banned from downloading

asked 2023-06-29 20:31:24 +0200

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Hi all,

More than a questions, this is a warning. My forecast model is using make_GFS to download the GFS data from NOAA. but it was failing since a few days ago.

After a bit of digging I noticed there was a ban on my IP due to an "Over Rate Limit" violation, which means I was downloading data too often. This is part of the email I got from NOAA

Hi Hector, Your access of 3 hits/second was over the required 2 hits/second around 6am GMT today when requesting the GFS data. Your IP will be blocked for 10 minutes temporarily and should be unblocked after that. Please modify your script to stay under the limit.

My current solution is to add a bunch of pause(2) in get_GFS.m and get_GFS_subgrid.m, like

%disp('u...') u=mask.*getdap('',fname,'ugrd10m',trange,'',jrange,... i1min,i1max,i2min,i2max,i3min,i3max); u(abs(u)>=missvalue)=NaN; pause(2)

%disp('v...') v=mask.*getdap('',fname,'vgrd10m',trange,'',jrange,... i1min,i1max,i2min,i2max,i3min,i3max); v(abs(v)>=missvalue)=NaN; pause(2)

Downloading data is now fine. Hope this helps,


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