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Hi Carlos,

In cppdefs.h you have to activate both SEDIMENT and BBL

# define SEDIMENT


# define BBL (optional, but recommended)

In make sure you have at least five tracer T in your primary history and average fiels, e.g.

primary_history_fields: zeta UBAR VBAR U V wrtT(1:NT) T T T T T T T T T T 25*F

these 5 extra are for Temp, Salt, and the three components of the simple sediment module in CROCO

also in the psource part

add three T's one for each of the three sediment components, in each line that defines a river. You have to define also the concentration of each component (sand/silt/clay) at each river, but I am not sure of which comes first nor the units.

psource: Nsrc Isrc Jsrc Dsrc Qbar [m3/s] Lsrc Tsrc 2 3 54 1 200. T T T T T 5. 0. .1 .2 .3 3 40 0 200. T T T T T 5. 0. .1 .2 .3

This value will be held constant for the duration of the run. You can do monthly runs and each month change the values, or try to use the PSOURCE_NCFILE, but I am not sure if it has been adapted to addo temporal variability of the sediments