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Hi Andres,

Thanks, yes I noticed that the variable names are different and forcing files have different variables stored in them.

I think I have all the variables to run the simulation, but now I am confused as to which cpp options to switch on.

I am attaching ncdump -h from my ROMS_RUTGERS forcing files. Could you or someone help me out in defining the right cppdef options?

Here are the forcing files and my understanding of how forcing is taken care of:
1. ROMS wind forcing file C:\fakepath\wind.txt . This contains 'Uwind' and Vwind which I have to add to as variables 'uwnd' and 'vwnd'.

  1. ROMS bulk forcing file C:\fakepath\roms_bulk.txt which contains radiation fluxes. For longwave, I only have downwelling longwave radiation. How can I manage that in I think CROCO bulk forcing requires down and upwelling longwave radiation? And with only downwelling radiation present for longwave which cpp options are suitable? I need help in this.

  2. Tidal forcing file is easy, the tidal forcing for ROMS has variables with same name as required for CROCO with minor changes so no confusion in this.

  3. Here is ncdump -h from C:\fakepath\cblk.txt and from C:\fakepath\cfrc.txt for reference.

My understand is because I have Uwind and Vwind, I don't need u-stress and v-stress as bulk algorithm will take care of it. but how should I take care of longwave radiation? I will appreciate any help as to which cpp options in CROCO should be activated.

Best, Aakash