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Hi Lucie, Thanks for your help, I add in the cppdef_dev.h file define START_DATE and add in the this lines start_date: dd mm yyyy But I get in the exp1.out file:

GET_SMFLUX - ERROR: requested time record 1454 exeeds the last available record 1453 in forcing netCDF file: c TDAYS = 363.0 last available SMS_TIME = 363.0

C:\fakepath\Captura de pantalla de 2019-06-13 11-18-27.png

Where can I change the TDAYS and SMS_TIME ?

For other hand... I have the inicial files with monthly information (I made them with the crocotools_param ), my question is, if the model going to read the corresponding day in this files, or I need to do a specific inicial file for this specif date?

So many thanks for your help and time...