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Hi Gildas, Thank you for the answer,

If I am not mistaken, ANA_PSOURCE will always be defined if you use either PSOURCE or PSOURCE_NCFILE (from cppdefs_dev.h) because it needs to compute the new Qbar using Qshape.

At each time step, Qsrc(is,k)=Qbar(is)*Qshape(is,k) will be read from analytical.F

The issue is that the line above this is: Qbar(is)=ramp*Qbar0(is) (which is Qbar0(is) if ramp=1 by default) which will always be a constant (set above when icc.eq.start).

By replacing Qbar(is)=ramp*Qbar(is) (instead of Qbar0(is), my river discharge variability works perfectly)